Personalized Experience

We offer 18 spacious rooms and two new independent deluxe cottages with private patios, overlooking a lush green forest. The rooms are all with modern facilities including attached bath with running hot and cold showers and comfortable furniture. All our rooms are equipped with single, twin or double beds, with reading lights, a writing table and lounge chairs, large luggage rack etc. and even a hot water bottle at night!

A man who balances his passion for nature with his entrepreneurial spirit, Tarun has twenty years of experience in wildlife tourism. As the Manager of the Kanha Jungle Lodge, he is responsible for ensuring that your stay is as comfortable and memorable as possible. He goes the extra mile by not only taking care of your logistical needs, but he takes pleasure in accompanying you on park safaris. An encyclopedia of knowledge, with a particular interest in tigers and birding, he is an incredible source of information. With wildlife in his blood, it is no surprise that Tarun’s own family represents a manifestation of his love for the natural kingdom.

At first glance, one merely sees a 13 year old boy, interested in talking to new people, playing cricket in the afternoon and trying out new games. But there’s more to Jai than meets the eye. The little naughty naturalist has been born and raised at the Kanha Jungle Lodge, receiving an education in warning calls, tracking skills and how to identify the abundant flora and fauna that no classroom in the world could teach him. For recess he doesn’t play on the swings, but explores Mother Earth in all her glory. Kanha’s real life Mowgli is truly at home in a wildlife park.

Our lady of the lodge is a self-taught naturalist known for her neverending interest in learning new things. And whatever Dimple learns, she loves to share with her guests. The first person to publish a book on Kanha wildflowers, she continues to research and document information on common butterflies in the area. When she isn’t taking you on bird and butterfly stroll, she is showing you the wonders of the stars through her telescope, teaching you how to savour the flavours of Indian cooking and relax your mind and body through yoga. The woman’s touch at Kanha Jungle Lodge, you will be inspired to discover all there is to learn in your own backyard.

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