If peace and quiet is the new definition of luxury, it’s in abundance at Kanha Jungle Lodge. From the moment you wake up, you feel the mist, the fragrance of the trees, the chirping of the birds, the bright blue skies, and the morning sunlight.

There’s a lot to discover in the lush green property of this family lodge that’s situated close to the Mukki gate of Kanha National Park. Linger over coffee with a book, take a nap in the afternoon after a delicious meal or just walk around the lodge area. It’s an experience that allows you to rediscover yourself.


In its commitment to support the local population, Kanha Jungle Lodge has enabled several individuals with better opportunities. Women from these tribes have, over the years, been particularly encouraged to step out and groomed professionally for the hospitality industry. The family continues to support education through its donation drive of supplying stationery, books, furniture, and upkeep of local school buildings.


In Kanha Jungle Lodge, Dimple takes special care of creating meals that are high on taste and nutrition quotients. Inspired by authentic recipes from the region, Dimple has painstakingly tweaked them for the international traveller. Experience the indigenous culinary classes to learn about the native vegetables, local spices, and ingredients and go home with newer recipes from the region.


The night walks in the lodge’s sprawling campus introduces guests to many wonders of the jungle. Jai, who mostly does these walks, introduces guests to Indian tree frogs, scorpions, 100-legged centipede, rare species of spiders, among several of his “fellas and friends”. The highlight at sunset is the flying squirrel that glides from one tree to the other.


Given Sankhala family’s commitment towards the local tribes, village walks is an enriching experience. The thatched roofs, mud and cow dung plastered walls, and the folk motifs point to the simple architecture of these homes. Enjoy a local meal to experience of the warmth of the people.


At Kanha Jungle Lodge, when the night sets in, you find yourself gazing adoringly at the constellations. Discover the magic of the night skies with this unique stargazing experience that you would miss otherwise in the hectic city life. It’s a bonus to have the option of ‘dinner under the stars’.


Folk songs and dances by tribal communities of Baigya and Gond are integral to their daily life. The songs and dances are an ode to nature, and experiencing these allow guests to appreciate the region’s rich heritage.


From organising photographic safari vehicles to providing space for film-related gear, including bean bags (yes), photography excursions organised by Kanha Jungle Lodge, are a huge draw. Many of the best, globally award-winning filmmakers prefer to stay at this “residence”, ensured that they – and their equipment – will be safe. Some wild life film production companies book for two years at a stretch.


Backed by knowledgeable naturalists who accompany you—the Sankhalas are inarguably the ‘first family of tigers conservation’—a trip to the Kanha National Park leaves an indelible mark. The expert naturalists spot and show guests the most charming flora and fauna. Later, you can enjoy your picnic underneath the cool shade of the sal trees.

Our People

If the foundation of the Sankhala family relies on its unstinted support towards forest conservation...


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Local Ethos

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Flora and Fauna

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Life at Kanha

If peace and quiet is the new definition of luxury, it’s in abundance at Kanha Jungle Lodge...

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